Why are your prices so low?
Unlike some of the major entertainment providers that exist in Georgia, we don’t have their massive overhead. Some of our DJ’s even work for those companies, but the main difference is that through Audiocake you won’t pay for their office space, company trucks, advertising budget, high premium building insurance, or their full time staff. We have the same quality level of DJ’s, insurance coverage, Georgia business licenses, and our own equipment. Because of this, our prices are normally around half of what the larger companies charge.

Can I meet my DJ, Band or Entertainer?
Absolutely. We can arrange a meeting in a place that’s convenient for you so that you can feel confident in our choice and have one less thing to stress about.

Are you insured and licensed?
Yes. We are insured and licensed in the state of Georgia. Documentation can be supplied upon request for any events that require proof.

What do the big guys supply that Audiocake doesn’t?
Nothing. As mentioned, our DJ’s have all worked for the big entertainment companies and they bring out the exact same equipment, same level of professionalism, and same level of service.

How will the DJ’s or entertainers dress?
However you ask them to dress. Outside of specific requests, our DJ’s will be dressed appropriately for the event.