Prince DJ Parties

A Prince party is the ultimate in fun. We bring thousands of Prince songs to dance the night away. We also bring along all of the Prince family of musicians including Morris Day & the Time, Sheila E., The Family, Jill Jones, Madhouse, Liv Warfield, and so much more for the ultimate purple experience.

It is a prerequisite that Audiocake DJ’s are Prince fanatics if they are chosen to play a Prince party.

Audiocake founder Chris Horton aka Mr. Christopher is the creator of the infamous Funkatopia website that honors Prince on a regular basis online and via their FUNKEDUP app that is available on both I-phone and Android devices. Even Prince himself regularly tweeted about Funkatopia and it was one of his final dozen tweets before his passing.

When you choose Audiocake for your Prince parties, you can rest assured that you will have access to one of the largest libraries of Prince’s music, but that your DJ will be a Prince fanatic that is well versed in all things Paisley and it will be an Prince party that you will never forget.

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