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Georgia DJ's

An affordable wedding or event DJ is a phone call away. And don't forget to ask about our special Prince Parties.

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Great DJ's At Affordable Prices

Prince DJ Parties

There is only one Prince. Let Audiocake DJ a Prince party to remember complete with a library of hundreds of Prince songs spun by DJ's that are Prince fanatics.

Wedding DJ's

From ceremony to reception, Audiocake has you covered. Lapel mikes, great sound system, dance lights, and DJ's that know how to work the crowds.

Private Party DJ's

Audiocake specializes in helping to make your small private event fun, entertaining and memorable.

Corporate Party DJ's

Audiocake DJ's are professional with a clean corporate appearance. You can rest easy knowing that your DJ will present themselves with clear voices and in a professional manner.

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Karaoke X-Y-Z

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X Factor Finalists (2011)
Wishing On A Star

Xabier San Martin
La Playa

It’s Goin’ Down

Yamin, Elliott
Fight For Love

Yanez, Enrique Guzman (Fato)
Si T· No Vuelves

Yankee Grey
Another Nine Minutes

Yankee Grey
This Time Around

Yankovic, Weird Al
Christmas […]

Karaoke W

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Wagoner, Porter
Big Wind

Wagoner, Porter
Carroll County Accident, The

Wagoner, Porter
Cold Hard Facts Of Life, The

Wagoner, Porter
Company’s Comin’

Wagoner, Porter
Eat, Drink And Be Merry (For Tomorrow You’ll Cry)

Wagoner, Porter
Green, Green Grass Of […]

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